Breathing Airline Cascade Kits

Used to reduce high pressure through a series of tee and flexible pigtail connectors, our exclusive Low-Pressure Airline Cascade Kits offer you the ease of ordering all the parts you need for your system with one part number. No more forgetting a piece or mismatched fittings. Inline check valves on both the tee and flexible pigtail (available in both high and low pressure) are used to allow for uninterrupted airflow while replacing depleted cylinders. An optional low-on-air warning device alerts the user when air is low. Individual components are available for adding on to an existing system, or for building a high-pressure cascade system.

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Low Pressure Kits without alarm: 9891-01 One-Cylinder Cascade Kit Regulator only
9890-02 Two-Cylinder Cascade Kit Regulator, Tee and Pigtail
9890-04 Four-Cylinder Cascade Kit Regulator, 3 Tees and 3 Pigtails
Low Pressure Kits with alarm: 9892-01 One-Cylinder Cascade Kit Regulator, Alarm
9892-02 Two-Cylinder Cascade Kit Regulator, Tee, Pigtail, Alarm
9892-04 Four-Cylinder Cascade Kit Regulator, 3 Tees, 3 Pigtails, Alarm

Parts and Technical Info

  • Part Number





  • 9891-01

    LP Regulator
    Parts List:
  • 9891-02

    2-Worker Manifold
    Parts List:
  • 9891-03

    LP Tee Connection
    Parts List:
  • 9891-04

    LP Check Valve
    Parts List:
  • 9891-05

    5-Worker Manifold
    Parts List:
  • 9891-06

    LP Rigid Pigtail
    Parts List:
  • 9891-07

    LP Flexible Pigtail
    Parts List:
  • 9891-08

    LP Airline Alarm
    Spec: ENG
    Parts List:
  • 9891-11

    HP Regulator
    Spec: ENG
    Parts List:
  • 9891-13

    HP Tee Connection
    Parts List:
  • 9891-16

    HP Rigid Pigtail
    Parts List:
  • 9891-17

    HP Flexible Pigtail
    Parts List:
  • 9891-18

    HP Airline Alarm
    Spec: ENG
    Parts List:
  • 9892-02

    LP Two-Cylinder Cascade Kit w/Alarm