Stay Warm While Working in Cold Weather

Working outdoors or in large spaces without climate control can be challenging during the winter months. If there was a simple solution, wouldn’t you use it? Of course, you would!

The Vortex Cooling/Heating Vest that you rely on during the summer for cool air circulation can also provide you with a hot air stream, thus keeping you warm and comfortable and, overall, more productive when the temperature takes those wintertime nosedives!

Designed to Keep You Warm

The Vortex Vest was designed to keep you cool during the summer, but if you replace the cool air connection (part number 8300-95) with the heated air connection (part number 8310-95), you turn your Vortex Vest into your personal heating system!

This black polyvinyl chloride vest stays put with hook and loop closures and comes in a V-neck style for maximum comfort. The perforated inner lining gives the air a unique channel to flow in and around the vest.

The thin profile of the vest can be worn under your other protective covering, providing you with a full range of motion.

The Vortex Vest provides you with constant warm airflow from the vortex tube, which spins compressed air along the inside of the tube centrifugally, creating a warm air stream with simple air compression! The air is then forced to the control valve, where you can control the amount of heat being generated and delivered to the vest!

Look at the benefits of using the Vortex Vest during colder months;

  • Provides continuous warm air delivery!
  • Easy to operate control valve, even with gloved hands!
  • No moving parts for reliability!
  • Control valve keeps the temperature constant!
  • Will warm compressed air by 25 degrees!

The Vortex tube chamber is constructed from durable black plastic with a stainless steel snap-tite 1/4 inch coupler worn around your waist with a black nylon belt.

Stay ahead of those chilly mornings and days with the Vortex Heated Vest from Allegro Industries!

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