Vortex Cooling/Heating Vest

The air vest is designed to afford cooling to personnel in circumstances where air conditioning is not feasible. The vest connects to any existing clean compressed air source. Engineered jets keep the wearer continuously cooled with refrigerated air. The airflow enhances the body’s natural evaporative cooling while also keeping grit, dust, and fibers out. Available with a vortex cooler for additional cooling effect.

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Parts and Technical Info

  • Part Number





  • 8300

    Vest w/Plastic Cooler, Standard
    Spec: ENG / ESP
  • 8300-01

    Vest Only, Standard
  • 8300-01L

    Vest Only, XL, 200 lbs. +
  • 8300-90

    Vortex Heater/Cooler w/Snap Tite Plug
  • 8300-95

    Vortex Cooler, Plastic, w/Snap Tite Plug
    Spec: ENG / ESP
  • 8310-95

    Vortex Heater, Plastic, w/Snap Tite Plug
    Spec: ENG / ESP
  • 9991-25

    Vortex Cooler, Metal, w/Snap Tite Plug, 25 CFM