Full Mask Supplied Air Respirator, High Pressure

Our Full Mask continuous flow supplied air respirator is made of silicone rubber for durability and will hold its shape even in extreme heat and cold. The double sealing flange provides an improved face-to-mask seal and a deep chin pocket provides a better, more comfortable fit. The replaceable polycarbonate lens offers a wider, distortion-free viewing area with an anti-fog, anti-scratch coating. A removable hairnet means greater comfort and fits easily under a hard hat. The unique “over the shoulder” hose design clips at the collar and an adjustable belt holds the air hose out of the way of work. Designed to connect to Adjustable Flow Control Valve, Personal Air Cooler, or Air Temperature Controller. One size fits most. NIOSH approved.

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Parts and Technical Info

  • Part Number





  • 9901-25

    Lens Covers (25/pkg)
    Spec: ENG
  • 9902

    Replacement High Pressure Full Face Mask Supplied Air Respirator
    Spec: ENG
    Parts List:
  • 9902-C

    High Pressure Full Mask w/ Personal Air Cooler
    Spec: ENG
  • 9902-CV

    High Pressure Full Mask w/ Adjustable Flow Control Valve
    Spec: ENG
  • 9902-HC

    High Pressure Full Mask w/ Air Temperature Controller
    Spec: ENG