Centrifugal Gas Blower (Briggs & Stratton)

New Briggs & Stratton Motor

Perfect for remote locations where electricity is unavailable, this gasoline-powered, 5 hp blower offers high flow rates. The 8” ports and steel guards provide safety and the polyethylene housing with built-in handle offers durability and convenience during transport. It is designed with a sturdy metal base that minimize blower rocking and offers greater stability. 3.2 quarts of gasoline will power 3-4 hours of running time. Blower includes 6 foot inlet hose extension.


Free Air One 90° Bend Two 90° Bends
1390 CFM 1152 CFM 1079 CFM
62 lbs. 5 HP

Parts and Technical Info

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  • 9505

    Centrifugal Gas Blower (Briggs & Stratton)
    Spec: ENG / ESP
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