12″ Axial AC High Output Metal Blower

Designed for applications requiring larger amounts of air output, this 12″ Axial High Output Blower features a 1/2 hp motor with efficient 3-blade impeller in a rugged, lightweight and portable metal housing.  Certified to CSA Standard C22.2 No.113.


Free Air One 90° Bend Two 90° Bends
2202 1674 1598
40 lbs. 1/2 hp 115V AC, 60 Hz

Parts and Technical Info

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  • 9509-50

    12″ Axial AC High Output Metal Blower
    Spec: ENG / ESP
    Parts List:
  • 9509-50E

    Blowers offered in 220V AC, 50 Hz. For more information, call Customer Service at 800-622-3530 or 864-846-8740.
    Spec: ESP