12″ Axial DC Metal Blower

Designed for applications requiring larger amounts of air output, the DC 12” Axial Metal Blower offers a 1/4 hp motor with an efficient three-blade impeller in a rugged, lightweight metal housing. Our DC Blowers are designed to be used with standard car or truck batteries as the source of power.

  • Note: If it is necessary to leave the vehicle running to avoid draining the battery, it is important to ensure that the vehicle is parked downwind from the inlet of the blower to prevent any CO from entering the working area.
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Free Air One 90° Bend Two 90° Bends
1685 1220 1020
24 lbs. 1/4 HP 12V DC

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  • 9529

    12″ Axial DC Metal Blower
    Spec: ENG
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