Heat Relief When Working Under Hot Conditions

Working in large or confined spaces during the hot season is challenging and uncomfortable. It would help if you have a heat relief solution to conduct your work activities properly. At Allegro Industries, we offer cooling systems that address this issue, such as:

Breathing Cold Air Source

Our cold air source uses a refrigerated system to provide fresh and cool air. The breathing cold air source is sealed and comfortable, especially during long work hours. As a result, it maximizes productivity by reducing heat stroke, exhaustion, and dehydration.

Our cold air unit is easy to maintain and has a removable, washable filter. It has an adjustable handle for portability and is configured to provide cool air for one or two users.

For ease of use and comfort, it has a value that regulates airflow. In addition, the unit features three different headtop options in the systems, which are:

Vortex Cooling/Heating Vest

The vest provides a cooling alternative when you’re working in areas without access to air conditioning. It continuously cools your temperature with cold air from a clean source.

In addition, we also have other all seasonal control products such as:

Get Top-Quality Heat Relief Systems

Be prepared for hot working days with our Breathing Cold Air Source. We have other hard hat cooling products such as the Cooling Neck Shade, Hard Hat Cooling Liner, and Cooling Skull Cap. Contact us at Allegro Industries for the correct heat protective equipment today!