Reduce Strain with Allegro’s Magnetic Valve Box Lid Lifters

When thinking about safety precautions in the workplace, a couple of obvious things come to mind. Protections like hard hats and safety vests are absolutely important and necessary, but what about the more fine-tuned aspects of safety, like reducing strain on your back? Allegro Safety’s tried and true magnetic manhole lid lifters served as the blueprint for a revolutionary new safety product: Magnetic Valve Box Lid Lifters!


The new series of Magnetic Valve Box Lid Lifters are lightweight, ensuring that anyone will be able to use the equipment. The lifter features a powerful rare earth magnet, which has a lifting capacity of fifty pounds. If you need a bit more lifting capacity, there’s also a deluxe version of the lifter available, which has a lifting capacity of seventy-five pounds. For increased safety, there’s a locking on/off handle. The magnet itself is also on/off, streamlining the user experience.


Every time you bend down at work to pick something up, you’re putting strain on your back and your neck. Over time, this strain can have extremely harmful consequences on your health. Symptoms such as persistent back pain, headaches, and stiffness can arise, preventing you from performing at your best.

These Magnetic Valve Box Lid Lifters eliminate this strain by allowing you to pick up heavy pieces without bending down. The magnet at the bottom of the tool penetrates textured surfaces, allowing the lifter to be used with a wide variety of materials. Additionally, Allegro’s lifters reduce the number of finger injuries experienced in the workplace by keeping vulnerable fingers away from areas where they can be pinched.

Providing the best safety products for your industry is our priority at Allegro! Contact us to receive more information about our Magnetic Valve Box Lid Lifters and similar products that will maximize your workplace safety.