Protect Your People | SCBA Wall Case

At Allegro Industries, we know that protecting your most valued asset—your personnel—involves selecting the right PPE for your particular working environment or industry. This includes SCBA and their respective storage containers.

Self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) systems are essential for meeting the operational needs of emergency response agencies and various industrial manufacturers. The effectiveness of your SCBA systems can be preserved by proper and timely equipment maintenance and service, including equipment storage. According to OSHA and NIOSH, all SCBA systems should be maintained and stored according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and free from dirt, grime, and the elements. This will help to ensure that all certifications remain valid and prevent potentially exposing a user to harm.

SCBA are typically comprised of pressurized air canisters, a face piece, breathing hoses, and regulator components, all of which are susceptible to damage if not stored properly. Allegro Industries now offers the All-Weather SCBA Wall Case to help you maintain the efficiency of your equipment while providing ease of access.

Brand New, Heavy-Duty, Built Tough

The highly visible, yellow case will help your employees locate equipment in their time of need. Made of high-quality, injection-molded polypropylene, the PN 4600 Series All-Weather SCBA Wall Case is watertight, crushproof, and dustproof; and possesses a strong resistance to fatigue and chemical corrosion. The case design incorporates a large window that allows for viewing gauges and inspection tags. Additionally, these cases are available with three different size brackets for various size cylinders used for SCBAs.

For over thirty-four years, Allegro has been meeting the safety demands of various industries, including chemical, manufacturing, steel and metals, and municipal services. Our commitment to safety is demonstrated in our high-quality product lines and our continuous efforts to innovate our designs and production methods. SCBA can offer a high level of protection from various respiratory hazards—our SCBA Wall Case can help you maintain that high level of protection.

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