Variable Shade Lens Kit Replacement

Made for all welding processes including TIG and TIG pulsing. Lenses feature both optical and magnetic arc detection system, ensuring the filter will not open (turn from dark to light) even if the sensors become blocked. Designed with the capability to detect light and magnetic waves that occur during welding. Optomagnetic sensors can be adjusted from 0 to 6 feet in range. Both are solar powered with dual sensors. Kit includes auto-darkening welding filter and mounting frame.

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Parts and Technical Info

  • Part Number





  • 9904-35

    Use w/9904-WB Deluxe Supplied Air Shield and Welding Helmet (Black Shield)
  • 9904-36

    Use w/9904-W Deluxe Supplied Air Shield and Welding Helmet (Blue Shield), and/or 9936 EZ Air Max PAPR