Designed for firm support, the Dual-Flex™ wrist support contains four stays on the front and back of the wrist to limit flexion (downward) and extension (upward) movement and encourage neutral wrist position. The straps wrap completely around the wrist for added support. Easy to put on, it is lined to keep hands dry and fits both right and left hands. Available in black only.

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Parts and Technical Info

  • Part Number





  • 7212-01

    Dual-Flex™ Wrist Support, Small
    Spec: ENG
  • 7212-02

    Dual-Flex™ Wrist Support, Medium
    Spec: ENG
  • 7212-03

    Dual-Flex™ Wrist Support, Large
    Spec: ENG
  • 7212-04

    Dual-Flex™ Wrist Support, X Large
    Spec: ENG