Respirator Cleaning Kit, Liquid Soap

Convenient cleaning and storage for full face and half mask respirators. Contains a ready-to-use 1 gallon liquid disinfectant soap, air bulb, bucket, brush, and 100 each sterile storage bags and seals, and large 17 quart, two-sided bucket. Meets OSHA recommendations. EPA registered.

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Parts and Technical Info

  • Part Number





  • 4001-05

    Disposable Storage Bags (100/Pkg.)
    Spec: ENG
  • 4002

    Liquid Soap Respirator Cleaning Kit
    Spec: ENG
    SDS: ENG / FR
  • 5003-U

    Replacement Liquid Cleaner (1 Gallon, Concentrate)
    Spec: ENG
    SDS: ENG / FR

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