12″ DC Air Bag

This lightweight unit features a super quiet metal 12″ (30.4 cm) axial DC blower with either 15′ (4.57 m) or 25′ (7.62 m) ducting built into a heavy duty bag for an all-in-one ease of operation. Designed with zippered ends that allow blower use without removing blower from the bag. Zipper openings allow for cord inlet and outlet. Easy to carry and store. Polypropylene three blade fan with aluminum hub, steel/powder coated housing and grill, carry handle with molded-in 2 speed switch. Ducting: Single-Ply lightweight vinyl/polyester PVC coated 180° F (82.2° C) temperature resistant . Yellow with black wear-strip and integrated nylon attachment strap on one end.

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Free Air One 90° Bend Two 90° Bends
1360 1060 933
35 lbs. 1/4 hp 12V DC

Parts and Technical Info

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  • 9535-12DC

    12" DC Air Bag with 15’ Ducting, 36 lbs.
    Spec: ENG
    Parts List:
  • 9535-12LDC

    12" DC Air Bag with 25’ Ducting, 39 lbs.
    Spec: ENG
    Parts List:

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