Preventing Dehydration on the Worksite

Keeping workers hydrated when working in the heat is vital to their health and their productivity. Your employees may be exposed to hazardous conditions if they work outside in the constant heat. These conditions can easily result in dehydration and can also cause heat exhaustion or stroke. Start taking these necessary steps to equip your employees with the tools and knowledge they need to stay hydrated.

Create Awareness in Safety Training

Creating awareness regarding dehydration during safety training allows employees to know exactly what to do to prevent dehydration and prepares them for when they see signs of dehydration in others.

  • Schedule regular safety meetings to remind workers how to avoid heat exhaustion.
  • Educate employees and supervisors on how to identify symptoms of dehydration.
  • Let workers know who to call for medical help.
  • Encourage workers to wear light-colored, lightweight, breathable clothing.

Provide Water Access and Shade for Breaks

Providing access to plenty of water and avoiding continuous exposure to extreme heat is your best defense against dehydration.

  • Provide access to lots of water coolers or jugs where employees can refill their water bottles or use disposable cups to rehydrate.
  • Actively encourage employees to drink small amounts of water often.
  • Establish and enforce break time into work schedules and provide shaded areas and air conditioning for work breaks if possible.
  • Schedule heavy tasks early in the day when it’s not as hot.
  • Provide workers with cooling products such as cooling vests, cooling beanies, or cooling neck wraps.

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