Presenting a New 8″ Axial Blower For Your Confined Space Needs

Allegro Industries presents their NEW 8″ Axial AC Plastic Mini-Pak Blower for your occupational confined space needs! This ventilation blower with canister and ducting is the lightest and shortest in the industry! Available with 15′ or 25′ ducting, this high output blower’s compact design stores ducting inside the blower housing for an all-in-one unit for ease of operation, transportation, and storage!

In addition to this all-in-one blower with ducting that provides fresh air, it can also extract contaminated air by attaching a separate duct to the blower’s intake side.

Safety vs. Meager Space

In any occupational confined space, safety for the employee is paramount. In those same areas, space can be limited to fit ventilation and extraction blowers, tools, equipment, employees, and anything else that is required to complete the job quickly and safely.

The more safety equipment required, the less space available. That’s why we’ve designed these compact blowers, so safety and capacity are broadened.

Let’s look at this OSHA sewer entry workplace example.

“Space Ventilation. Mechanical ventilation systems, where applicable, shall be set at 100% outside air. Where possible, open additional manholes to increase air circulation. Use portable blowers to augment natural circulation if needed”.

Because portable blowers are recommended, the 8″ Axial compact blowers would be ideal to continue operating while allowing employees and equipment to move and work in the same confined space.


8″ Axial AC Plastic Mini-Pak Blower w/ 15′ Ducting, 19 lbs.

Flow rates:

  • Straight: 791 CFM (1343 m3/hr)
  • One 90° bend: 703 CFM (1194 m3/hr)
  • Two 90° bends: 621 CFM (1055 m3/hr)


8″ Axial AC Plastic Mini-Pak Blower w/ 25′ Ducting, 23 lbs.

Flow rates:

  • Straight: 760 CFM (1291 m3/hr)
  • One 90° bend: 674 CFM (1145 m3/hr)
  • Two 90° bends: 602 CFM (1022 m3/hr)

These new blowers offered by Allegro Industries are the smallest and lightest on the market. Allegro’s products are designed with safety in mind!

Be confident that the blower you choose will properly ventilate your confined space by using our Confined Space Blower Selector Tool. It will help calculate the CFM needed from your blower to completely ventilate your space for safe working conditions.

Contact us for more information regarding blowers for your occupational confined space needs.