Fit Testing Respirators to Ensure Employee Safety

The pandemic has caused many businesses to rethink their safety procedures. Depending on the industry, employees must wear masks and gloves while at work, but it is still vital to ensure that they wear the safety gear correctly.

If employees don’t wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) correctly, it can put them and those around them at risk. To help with this issue and keep workers safe, Allegro provides Fit Test Kits that allow companies to test their employees’ PPE.

What Is a Fit Test Kit?

Fit test kits assess whether a mask fits an employee properly. OSHA and other organizations usually require them to ensure that employees have face masks that adequately protect them from airborne hazards.

Allegro’s Bitter Fit Test Kit contains denatonium benzoate, a highly bitter chemical compound used in taste tests. When an employee wears a properly fitted mask, they will not be able to taste the bitterness of denatonium benzoate. If they taste it, the cover does not work correctly, and the employee needs a different face mask or a new size.

Allegro’s Smoke Fit Test Kit contains stannic chloride, a white colorless gas that has a pungent odor that fumes strongly in moist air forming white hydrochloric acid fumes. This tin compound’s strong odor will provoke involuntary reactions, such as coughing, by the test subject when the respirator is not forming a proper seal around their face. If this occurs, the employee needs a different mask or a new size.

Allegro’s Sweet Fit Test Kit includes saccharin sodium salt tablets like those found in artificial sweeteners like Sweet & Low. Employees who use PPE properly will not taste the sweetness of saccharin sodium salt tablets. If you taste it, your respirator does not fit properly, or you are not using it correctly.

All three of Allegro’s fit test kits provide a simple way to ensure that your facial coverings work as intended and keep you safe at work.

High-Quality Fit Test Products

As a result of COVID-19, there is a much greater need for fit testing, especially in medical facilities. These fit test kits will help meet this need by enabling healthcare providers to conduct tests quickly and efficiently. Allegro provides the highest quality fit testing products available on the market. Our Fit Test Kits are fast and easy to use and will help ensure that all of the employees in your facility are wearing the right PPE for their specific needs.

Contact us today and ensure that every one of your workers uses the right equipment for protection!