Eyewear Cleaning Wipes (New Packaging)


PIEDMONT, SC — Our extensive family of safety equipment and accessories for the industrial workplace includes everything you need to effectively clean and care for your eyewear helping workers perform safely and efficiently. Our BRAND NEW Eyewear Cleaning Wipes Pocket Paks (PN 0350-20PP) are perfect for cleaning eyewear, respirator shields, or computer screens. These paks of 20 large 5” x 8” pre-moistened wipes feature anti-fog, anti-static, silicone-free cleaning liquid and are excellent on glass or polycarbonate lenses. These easily portable paks can be conveniently stored in your pocket for individual use or in your locker. For easy display, these wipes are also available in a Pocket Pak Dispenser Box (PN 0350-20PPD) featuring 20 wipes per pak and 20 paks per box.  A handy Eyewear Cleaning Wipes Pop-Up Pak (PN 0350-200PU) is also available that features 200 wipes per pak with a handy “pop-up” plastic clasp for easy grab and to keep the wipes moist longer.

Our Eyewear Cleaning Wipes are also available as individually wrapped large 5” x 8” pre-moistened wipes that come stored in a wall-mounted cardboard dispenser box (100 per box) (PN 0350) or in a clear plastic bucket (200 per bucket) (PN 0350-20).  Perfect for storing in your workplace and letting your workers grab and use, as needed.

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