Essential Manhole Safety Products

Confined spaces are some of the most dangerous places for workers to operate. These tight spaces are often dark, cramped, and contain hazardous chemicals. To protect workers from the hazards of confined spaces, employers must follow established safety procedures. This includes identifying and evaluating all hazards in the confined space before any work begins, developing a plan to control or eliminate those hazards, and providing workers with the proper training and equipment.

A Variety of Hazards

Working in confined spaces can be dangerous due to a variety of hazards, including:

  • Atmospheric hazards: Confined spaces may contain hazardous atmospheres, such as oxygen-deficient or flammable atmospheres, or toxic gases.
  • Engulfment hazards: Confined spaces may contain materials that have the potential to engulf a worker, such as liquids or granular solids.
  • Entanglement hazards: Confined spaces may contain machinery or other objects that could entangle a worker.
  • Fall hazards: Confined spaces may have uneven surfaces or drop-offs, which could cause a worker to fall.

The Right Equipment

A variety of products are available to help increase the safety of workers working in confined spaces. Some of the most important products include:

  • Ventilation equipment: Ventilation equipment is used to remove hazardous atmospheres from confined spaces and supply fresh air to workers.
  • Respiratory protection equipment: Respiratory protection equipment is used to protect workers from breathing hazardous atmospheres.
  • Fall protection equipment: Fall protection equipment is used to prevent workers from falling when working in confined spaces.
  • Communication equipment: Communication equipment is used to keep workers in contact with each other and with personnel outside the confined space in case of an emergency.

Allegro Industries specializes in protection and safety products for all industrial applications. We have a variety of ventilation blowers that supply clean air to workers in confined spaces. Allegro also supplies respiratory protection equipment to many construction companies across the nation.

If you want to increase the safety of your workers when they operate in confined spaces, check out our confined space products or contact us to find out more.