4 Tips to Ensure Onsite Manhole Safety

How well is your team protected from hazards arising from manhole incidents when onsite? Keeping manholes safe is crucial to the entrant, the supporting staff, and bystanders. The main objective of manhole safety is to keep unwanted people or objects out of the manhole.

This article looks at the common manhole hazards and the most applicable safety measures to keep workers and bystanders safe while onsite:

1. Take Precautionary Measures

Prior training should be conducted before a person enters a maintenance hole in preparation for what lies ahead. You should exercise extreme caution to minimize risks when working around utility holes. In addition, attendants working or supporting the entrant must be trained to respond to emergencies if the entrant requires help.

2. Post Clear Warnings

Manhole warning signs should be well displayed to warn other workers and passersby of the risks around a maintenance hole. A lack of clear warning signs may lead to accidents. In addition, a fellow attendant should be on standby outside the manhole to warn people who get close to the manhole or offer assistance to the entrants.

3. Use the Right PPE

Manholes contain dangerous contaminants, viruses, bacteria, and protozoa that can cause disease. All workers should wear personal protective equipment to prevent body contact with the contaminants.

Safety precautions reinforce the protective equipment provided. For example, don’t touch your eyes, face, mouth, nose, or open wounds while working in a utility hole.

Make use of protective equipment to ensure maximum safety around a maintenance hole. Maintain and inspect safety equipment before each task. It should include rescue ropes, proper ventilation equipment, breathing air sources and respirators, safety helmets, protective clothing, manhole safety equipment, shelters, umbrellas, and clothing.

4. Depend on the Right Safety Equipment Company

Safety is a team effort. Having the right company of people outside and inside the manhole enhances safety inside and around the maintenance hole. A worksite should have a person with experience and credentials to enforce the safety measures and precautions.

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