M2 Multi-Mold™ Cassette

The M2 is patented, two-sided sampling cassette for easier and more efficient use in the field and in the laboratory. This is the first cassette to proved sampling options to field personnel. Each cassette can be used to:

  • Collect two different samples
  • Collect two identical samples concurrently
  • Collect one sample while using the other side as control

The M2 cassette is also the very first of its kind for laboratory personnel. It provides one-time preparation for two samples, pre-printed traverse marks on the collection side for standardized counting, and side-by-side comparison of samples under the microscope.

Parts and Technical Info

  • Part Number





  • 9804-20

    M2 Multi-Mold Cassette
    Box of 25 Cassettes/50 Samples
  • 9804-21

    M2 Multi-Mold Cassette
    Box of 5 Cassettes/10 Samples