D-2 Moldlite Sampler

This lightweight, low maintenance, high efficiency-linear oscillating pump has a sampling range of 3-33 LPM. It is excellent for use for sampling mold using all types of mold cassettes, as well as impactors. D-2 is the best value on the market today for the IAQ market, having a long life of 35,000 hours of continuous use, with only the two moving parts. It is extremely low maintenance, no lubrication is required, and it is very quiet. It comes complete with a 5-30 LPM fully adjustable flow meter, tripod, six feet of vinyl tubing, and has a built-in handle and switch for added convenience.

Parts and Technical Info

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  • 9800

    D-2 Sampler with Stand
    Spec: ENG
    Parts List:
  • 9800-88

    D-2 Sampler without stand
    Spec: ENG
    Parts List: