Inline Filter Panels

Our single outlet and single inlet inline filter panels provide airline respirators a portable source of breathable air while ideally designed for filtering air anywhere within the airline system downstream from outlets. We offer our inline filter panels in both Carry-Air™ and Wall-Air™ configurations. All models meet NIOSH requirements of point-of-attachment. The Carry-Air™ models provide up to 8 airline respirators a portable source of up to 100 CFM of breathable air from 5-125 psig. They’re house in a rugged Pelican case for portability and protection. They also include a support stand for stability and up-right operation. Available with CO monitor.

The AC/DC powered Wall-Air™ models provide up to 12 airline respirators a portable source of up to 150 CFM of breathable air from 5-125 psig. These units are easily mounted on any wall to keep them out of the way in your workshop area. Available with or without CO monitors.

Part Number
9878-100Carry-Air™ Inline Filter Panel
9878-150Wall-Air™ Inline Filter Panel w/ CO Monitor
9878-151Wall-Air™ Inline Filter Panel w/o CO Monitor

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